Mission Statement

'True to the kindred points of Heaven and Home’- to borrow an evocative line from William Wordsworth’s celebrated poem ‘To a Skylark’ - the ideology of Ramakrishna Mission was formulated by Swami Vivekananda as “Atmano mokshartham jagad hitaya cha“ (i.e ‘For one’s own salvation and for the welfare of the world’) . This telling phrase encapsulates an over-arching spiritual ideal in which individual spiritual aspiration and the spirit of altruism co-mingle. A private spiritual life that turns a blind eye to the suffering humanity, Swami Vivekananda never tired of pointing out, is necessarily a selfish life led in isolation. Recognising as he did the immanent divinity in every living being, Swamiji bequeathed to humanity the ideology of ‘Practical Vedanta’.

The educational domain is an important area where ‘Practical Vedanta’ finds wonderful application. In fact, the luminous mind of Swamiji probed man to his very depth and came up with the astounding revelation that infinite goodness and infinite perfection are lying buried in every man, waiting to be called out. Just as friction brings out the hidden fire from a flint, right kinds of external suggestions would likewise call forth ethical excellence and elements of creativity already present in their potential forms in man. True education, if anything, helps this manifestation through creating “right kinds of external suggestions”. To the extent an academic milieu furnishes such “right kinds of external suggestions”, it serves the purpose of education. Based on this educational ethos of Swami Vivekananda, our College, ever since its inception, has been striving to build up an environment that would help manifest in its learners